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Science Series: Are Muons the Key to Unlock New Physics? with Dr Rebecca Chislett

14 JUNE 2021


Zoom Webinar

The g-2 experiment takes the high precision approach by measuring how a muon, which is a heavier cousin of the electron, interacts with a magnetic field to less than 1 part per million, or up to the 10-11th decimal place. Dr Rebecca Chislett, Lecturer at UCL, will explain how to make this measurement, the first result released and what this means for the world of particle physics.

The muon g-2 experiment at Fermilab just released the first results which made news headlines as they strengthened evidence for potential new physics outside of our current best model, known as the Standard Model of particle physics. Although this model describes most of the data we have very well, we know that it also has some pieces missing, for example why our universe is made up of matter rather than anti-matter, or what dark matter is and it doesn’t provide an explanation for gravity. We are pushing to find the new physics needed to understand the whole universe through experiments either using really high energies, or making really precise measurements.

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