Old Pauline Magazine

Welcome to the Old Pauline Magazine, our biannual publication which is shared with Old Paulines, staff, students and supporters of the Club. This publication is designed to update you with the latest news, invite you to exciting events, and keep you in touch with the Old Pauline Club and the School.

Advertising in the Old Pauline News 

A business to promote? Something to sell? Contact us now for the current rate card of the Old Pauline News magazine. Delivered free of charge to nearly 8,000 Old Paulines, the magazine provides an effective means of getting your message to this unique readership.



Atrium, Old Pauline News, Autumn/Winter 2019

Old Pauline News, Spring 2019

Old Pauline News, Autumn 2018

Old Pauline News, Spring 2018

Old Pauline News, Autumn 2017

Old Pauline News, Spring 2017

Old Pauline News, Autumn 2016

Old Pauline News, Spring 2016

Old Pauline News, Spring 2015

 Old Pauline News, Autumn 2015


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