Athens Branch Pre-Christmas Drinks


An informal gathering of Athenian based Old Paulines and Paulinas took place on the evening of 1 December 2015.  We met in Kolonaki at Mohnblumchen where we enjoyed fine Italian fare washed down with a carafe or two of red wine! A lovely time was had by all and old friendships and good times at School were remembered and new friendships were struck up.  Apologies were received from Christos Ioannou (1992-97), Nikkos Frangos (1980-84), Bill Mallinson (1965-70), Andreas Zombanakis (1971-76), Melanie Dalacouras (née Wenneker) (1990-97) and Anna Stamatiou (née Caroussis) (1967-74).  An interest in attending future Athens meetings was also expressed by Alex Paseau (1988-93) in Oxford and Michael Asher (1954-59) in Istanbul and so we hope that next time we will be even more and even merrier!!

The photograph shows the eight Old Paulines and the four Old Paulinas attending on the night and we were seated (from the left), Nick Comninos (1972-77),  Calliope Caroussis (née Lemos) (1967-74),  John Beloussis (1966-71),  Merve Kosker (1993-98),  Manes Pangalos (1980-85),  Matthew Los (1979-84),  Marie Caroussis (1967-72),  Anthony Palios (1970-74) and Dimitris Tsalas (1973-78) and standing Menelaos Pangalos (1979-84), Isidore Caroussis (1996-01) and Electra Stamatopoulos (1999-05).

Any Old Paulines visiting Athens are always welcome to contact the undersigned for any help or advice that I may offer or indeed to meet up for a drink!

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