Careers Evening


On 1 October 2015 two Old Paulines returned to the School as part of a Careers Panel organised by two Paulines from the Upper Eighth. One of the organisers, U8th Pauline Rahil Patel said ‘this is the time that careers and universities were at the forefront of our minds. We thought it would be a good idea to invite Old Paulines and other speakers to enlighten us on their careers and share their experiences of their professions’. The speakers included: Tom Adeyoola (1990-95), Ilicco Elia (1984-89), Sir Harold Walker, Thomas Williams and Graham Seel (SPS Head of History). 

The event itself began with a panel in the Wathen Hall where the speakers introduced themselves and their career paths. Following this each then hosted individual seminars, allowing the boys to hear more about their careers and ask questions. The format for the evening proved successful, with students getting a lot out of each personalised discussion. 

Rahil Patel said that he ‘would like to thank all the speakers for giving up their evenings to come to talk to us’.   



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