Remarkable ‘Harbord Era’ High House Reunion in Brook Green


On Saturday 7 November a Reunion of High House boarders of the ‘Harbord Era’ of 1945-60 was held in the original building at 59 Brook Green, opposite St Paul’s Girls’ School.  It was remarkably successful, both because of its ‘senior’ vintage and because several had travelled long distances to attend (Dallas, Belgium, Ireland, Cornwall, etc.).   

Organised by Tim Cunis, Chris Marchant and Jeremy Denny, it had had a long gestation period, of over 5 years, since Tim knocked on the door of what is now École Française (for 200 primary school children) and was welcomed in by the Bursar. After lengthy negotiations, it was agreed that the Reunion could be held there. The next difficulty of listing and then contacting as many High House boarders of our era as possible having been overcome, it was astonishing to gather 30 former inmates there, together with Liza (Harbord) Tait and David Edsall (Assistant House Master), to explore our old dormitories, studies, etc.
A Reception in our Common Room was followed by an excellent buffet lunch in the basement’s (new) ‘Le Cantine’, after which all were persuaded to gather on Brook Green in front of High House for a group photo before returning for more beer & blather and tea and to examine the extensive display of photos, artefacts and memorabilia from our time there. Many illustrious names and initials were also discovered, scratched into brickwork and roofing leadwork, and all were the source of many happily exchanged recollections and repartee.   

Two displayed House Boards of 1897 and 1945/46, listing our predecessors with their scholastic and sporting achievements, were particularly evocative as these had to be tediously copied out by miscreants as a Prefects’ punishment.

Chris Marchant (1951/56) is currently compiling an amazing book of collected photos and reminiscences of the Harbord Era.  More contributions will be welcomed, if submitted quickly now, to and

Tim Cunis (1955-60)









From the Left: Cunis T, Denny, Phillips, Kemp R, Anderson, Monks (blue blazer), Ceresole, Drinkwater M, Williams B, Wild B, Roy, Mrs Liza (Harbord) Tait, Fall B (mostly hidden), Mohtadi, Galsworthy, Rees, Dare, Halberstadt (in red blazer), Wright, Savill P, Goodman, Mr David Edsall (mostly hidden), Peters, Johns (brown trousers), Marchant, Corden (partly hidden), Gifford, Avens, Savill M (brown trousers), Kemp D, Wilcockson.




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