New York Lunch, September 2015


15 Old Paulines, Paulinas and guests gathered at Old Pauline Robin Hirsch’s Cornelia Street Café in Greenwich Village in New York City for lunch on Tuesday, 15 September 2015.

Without the usual University Club requirement for jacket and tie, the atmosphere was as relaxed as one would expect in this bohemian part of the universe, with two artists’ work displayed on the Café’s walls.  The only missing item was the University Club’s chocolate mousse, but this omission was handily made up for by the excellent Café-labelled Chardonnay and Pinot Noir dispensed by mine host.

Robin recounted some of the history of the café, including most recently the tribute hosted there in memory of frequent Café visitor and Science Club presenter, OP Dr. Oliver Sacks.

The atmosphere was convivial, the food and wine befitting the Café’s status as one of Time Out’s Top 100 Restaurants, and of course the conversation amongst an expatriate group of those associated with St Paul’s to be as eclectic as the surroundings of Greenwich Village, ranging from publishing adult picture books, investment banking to information technology, art, music and theatre.

Events scheduled for the balance of 2015 in New York include a wine tasting at Cornelia Street Café hosted by Paulina viticulturist Nadia Zilkha and a tour of the Metropolitan Museum led by actress and tour guide Emily Gardner Hall.

Picture; left to right:  OPs Robin Hirsch and David Bruder, Guest Susan York, OP Simon Strauss, Paulina Nadia Zilkha, OP Nick Weir-Williams, Guest Sherri Preston, Paulina Florence Buchanan, OPs Evan Lim, Michael Preston and Simon Mulligan, Paulinas Stephanie Connor and Sylvia Scheuer, Guest John Brendon, Not pictured Paulina Emily Gardner Hall.

Menu from the lunch - special prize to those who guess the significance to St Paul's of the stream of numbers at the foot of the page.




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