Sydney Dinner


On 5 November 2015 a group of Old Paulines and Paulinas met in Sydney at The Meat & Wine Co. They were hosted by Fredrik Blencke (1986-91) who organised the event. 

Guests had a very enjoyable evening discussing a range of topics including some adventure stories from the senior members, who came to Australia in the 1950s, either by boat via the Panama Canal, or by plane, which involved 13 stops on the way.

If you’re based in or are travelling to the Sydney and NSW area, please let us know and we’ll ensure you receive an invitation to the next event.














Back row left to right – Mark Filmer, Richard Levine, Dick Willis, Grant Harris, Andrew Cullen.

Front Row left to right – Tristan Kitchener, Nancy Donald, Justan Kitchener & Fredrik Blencke



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