The New Kayton Library

As Phase 1 of the new General Teaching Building progresses we are preparing to move the Library into the new building, which will be split across two floors and overlook the Thames. For over a century the senior school library has been called The Walker Library after the great late-nineteenth-century High Master, Frederick William Walker, because a memorial fund was created to provide a second library in his name at West Kensington. The name continued when another library was built, here in Barnes, in 1968, even though the Walker Memorial Fund had already been expended. 

The Library in the new General Teaching Building will be known as The Kayton Library after Desmond Kayton (1939-40), an Old Pauline who left the School at the outbreak of World War II to serve in the Fleet Air Arm. He later became an entrepreneur and a stalwart of the Old Pauline Golf Club. Desmond died in 2014, bequeathing a legacy in excess of £10m to St Paul's. Within the Kayton Library there will be a new rare books room, named after Brian Schofield (1944-48), who also left a handsome legacy.

Professor Mark Bailey, High Master

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