Obituaries: 1980-1989 Leavers

 Nathaniel (Nat) K Billington (1984-89)

Nat Billington died from lymphoma on 1st September 2015, aged 44. He was a clever and confident boy who became fascinated with computers at Colet Court, where he and I signed up to give weekly computer lessons to a teacher each. His interest carried on through St Paul’s, where with friends we built dial-up multi-user games. At Queens’ College, Cambridge he read Computer Science.

At university we started the company that would be become Oyster Partners, one of the seminal digital agencies in London.  As the Web became more about marketing, it began to leave Nat wanting for a sense of purpose. He was CTO of, and eventually ran, clinical pathways company Map of Medicine. It changed attitudes and is driving quality and safety in healthcare across the world. Having sold it to Hearst, and spent some time observing corporate America from the inside, he left to form Synergy Energy with his great friend Steve Brooks. There he realised his ambition of a true portfolio career, managing Synergy’s investments, acting as an adviser and mentor to those businesses, and doing the same to help prisoners in his work with the Longford Trust ( ). He also found time to create an ambitious new company, Product Health.

Nat became a great developer of people and an impressive leader. His wife Hannah and sons Phin and Jacob had a profound effect on him. All of his intellect, curiosity and focus remained, but added to them were even greater empathy and the wish to involve himself with others.

When he received his first diagnosis of lymphoma, he tackled it with the same rigour and focus and calm optimism he had demonstrated in the rest of his life. I have not met anyone who knew him when he was ill who wasn’t struck by how upbeat he was; how expert he became in his disease and its treatment; and how he remained thoroughly interested in how everyone else was doing, continuing to be a networker, a mentor and a loving husband and father throughout.

Lorenzo Wood (1984-89)


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