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September 15, 2020

Dominic Frisby (1982-87) releases a new audiobook, The Shadowpunk Revolution

Dominic Frisby (1982-87) has released a new audiobook, The Shadowpunk Revolution on Audible and iTunes. It is a sci-fi rock drama.

The year is 2029. A police officer investigating County Lines and the rise of drug use in his rural community discovers dealers have been using some kind of invisibility coat. His investigations lead him into a new world of techno-anarchists, who developed the coats to defend against the state and corporate invasion of privacy. Their invention is a force for good, but also a force for evil. What side will our hero take?

This allegory for bitcoin is written by Dominic and Brendon Connelly, narrated by Dominic to an electrifying rock score by Asaf Zohar.

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