Rugby Fives

Old Paulines continue to thrive on the adult fives circuit, bringing strength, depth, and camaraderie to the sport throughout the season.

Building on the solid foundations from their time at St Paul’s, Old Paulines can be found playing across different universities and far beyond, enjoying regular success at the very top of the game.

Each year, the Old Pauline Rugby Fives Club fields teams in the two inter-club national competitions—the Wood Cup in April and the Owers Trophy in September. On top of this, the club holds its own internal competitions for both singles and doubles—each adopting a handicap system to level the playing field, adding to the excitement.

The club continues to hold regular sessions on Thursday evenings at St Paul’s during term time for both past and present students. Players of all standards are encouraged to get involved.

Those interested in playing on club nights (Thursday at the school) may contact Sam Roberts (current Paulines) or Theo Parker (Old Paulines).