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17 September

Sir Jonathan Miller CBE (1947-53)

The case is put forward for Jonathan Miller as Pauline of the 20th Century.
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15 September

Dominic Frisby (1982-87) releases a new audiobook, The Shadowpunk Revolution

Dominic Frisby (1982-87) has released a new audiobook, The Shadowpunk Revolution.
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3 September

The OPC donates SPS-branded hand-sanitisation totems to the School

The OPC donated the totems, created by, a business launched by the son of OP Paul Ganjou (1960-65)
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25 August

Cryptic Crosswording at the 2020 Mind Sports Olympiad

Lorie Church (1992-97) has built the 2020 Mind Sports Olympiad Cryptic Crossword event.
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13 August

Update On The Great Tour

Two OPs are cycling the entire coastline of England, Scotland and Wales.
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10 August

A successful return to play for the OPCC

When the Old Pauline Cricket Club’s season started nothing was quite the same.
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3 August

Ed Vaizey (1981-85) has been made a life peer

Ed became an Old Pauline Club Vice President in June 2020 and was appointed Deputy President.
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3 August

Tim Harbord

We have been informed of the death of Tim Harbord, who taught at Colet Court between 1988 and 2013.
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28 July

40 Year (Virtual) Reunion

Friday 17 July saw the first St Paul’s virtual reunion.
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17 July

Isaiah Berlin

A profile of Isaiah Berlin for his prospect as Pauline of the 20th Century.
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8 July

Statement from St Paul’s School: Diversity and Equality Update

School update from Working Group on Diversity and Equality, comprising staff, pupils and OPs
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