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November 23, 2022

Friends organise landmark reunions

50th Anniversary Dinner

Six OPs met at the City Barge, Strand on the Green, on 19 October to mark the 50 years since they first met at St Paul’s in Barnes. All six were fifth formers in September 1972.

Paul Gill came down from his home in Edinburgh to join Richard Mills, Nick Orosz, Jules Cowan and Mark Templer for dinner and Tim Stammers phoned in from New York state.

The six of us have remained friends for 50 years and I know many who find the strength of friendship remarkable after so long.

Seen pictured, dinner “organiser” Paul Gill behind, from left to right, Richard Mills, Mark Templer, Jules Cowan and Nick Orosz.

60-Year Reunion

Eight OPs (all over 80 years old) met up on Tuesday 8 November for lunch at the St Paul’s Hotel, which for 70 years was the High Master’s house. It became ‘School House’ for boarders from 1956 to 1968 before the School moved to Barnes.

The reunion was triggered by a rare visit to the UK by Dick Lawrence (Captain of School 1959/60) from Florida. It gave everyone a chance to look at the photos and artefacts from their time at School that were on display and a brief chance for each to describe what had happened in their busy lives since.

OPs from left to right: Tim Cunis, John Nettleton, Tony Conway, John Holder, Brian Thompson, Steve Reichwald, Charlie Madge and Dick Lawrence.

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