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October 25, 2022

The High Master’s visit to the USA

The High Master, Sally-Anne Huang, and Director of Development & Engagement, Ellie Sleeman, visited New York, Boston and San Francisco between 13-18 October 2022.

This was the first time the High Master has been able to travel to the US to meet our largest Pauline Community outside of London. Alongside the events organised in each area, Mrs Huang and Ms Sleeman were delighted to organise 1-1 meetings with OPs and parents of former pupils who wished to speak with them, as well as colleagues at US schools and universities.

The first group event was held at Nicholas Josefowitz’s (1996-2001) house in San Francisco. 17 OPs came for drinks and canapés, and an enjoyable evening of conversation, meeting old friends and new, and sharing of information between school and alumni resulted. Thank you to Nicholas for his generosity in hosting the occasion.

On Saturday 15 October, the next event was held, this time at Pretty Ricky’s bar, owned by Jaime Felber (1999-2004). 48 OPs attended the evening, which provided the chance to hear updates from the school and for NYC-based OPs to meet and network.

While Sally-Anne and Ellie were in New York, the Colet Foundation held its Annual General Meeting. The meeting was held in a Nomadworks office space, kindly given by Steven Cohen (1986-88), Founder and CEO of Nomadworks. The Colet Foundation was founded in 1991 and has, for many years, played a significant part in allowing our USA taxpaying communities to support the aims and ambitions of the school generously. The USA Colet Foundation Bursary Fund provides for one of the school’s named bursary places, with a target to raise $252,000 over seven years to fund a full bursary place for one pupil. The school is grateful to our US-based OPs for their generosity in supporting the school’s commitment to widening access to St Paul’s via its bursary programme.

In Boston, a meal was generously hosted by Katherine, Karl and Andrew (2016-21) Spielmann at Henrietta’s Table. With 20 OPs in attendance, the meal was a lively and enjoyable one with OPs from a range of age groups attending to meet one another and the High Master.

Further events at US universities were added too. The High Master and Director of Development & Engagement were delighted to spend afternoons at Columbia and Yale universities with recent leavers and learn of their experiences of studying in the US.

We hope that this will be one of many opportunities for the High Master to engage directly with our Old Pauline community in America.

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