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October 12, 2019

University Club of New York lunch

A report by Simon Strauss, Chair, US East Coast Branch

A dozen alumni/ae of St. Paul’s and St. Paul’s Girls’ schools joined OP and former High Master Stephen Baldock and his wife Janet at the University Club in New York on Thursday 10 October 2019, for what we hope will become a regular tradition for all retired High Masters (and Mistresses!) traveling through New York.

After sampling the varied delights of the University Club’s famous buffet, with a special guest appearance by pecan pie, for those travelers unable to obtain such comestibles at home, the group took a tour of the Club’s Library and stopped for a photo under Sir Winston Churchill’s portrait commemorating his visit to the Club at the beginning of the Cold War.

In the Library L-R: Janet Baldock, OPs Paul Karavaikin, Yang Hsu, Simon Strauss, Sam Lowenstein, Stephen Baldock
At lunch L-R: OPs Louis Verdi, Sam Lowenstein, Angelo Chan; guest Janet Baldock
At lunch R-L: Old Paulina Stephanie Connor, OP Michael Preston, guest Sherri Preston, OP Yang Hsu
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