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May 31, 2022

Change of Name – Consultation and Timetable

In June 2021, the OPC Main Committee voted, with 82% in favour, to change the name of the Old Pauline Club to the St Paul’s Alumni Association.

It was considered that, as part of modernising the OPC and attracting the involvement of younger members, the words “Old” and “Club” had negative connotations in the context of an alumni association and that a change of name would be helpful.

The change of name would not be imposed on the OP sports and other affiliated clubs, the naming of which would be up to the sports clubs themselves.

Alumni would continue to be called Old Paulines or OPs.

Changing the name requires a change of rules. Any change of rules needs a two thirds majority on a members’ vote at an SGM.

The Executive Committee at a meeting on 12 May agreed the process and timetable that would be followed for the name change and other proposed changes to the rules ahead of that SGM.

  • A consultation period with members will run throughout June and July. Please email comments to be considered to
  • The Executive Committee will consider the views of members and prepare any rule changes and a motion to put to the membership at the SGM by 16 September
  • Notice of the SGM will then be put up on the OPC website, and will be included in the September OPC email newsletter and this Autumn’s Atrium
  • The SGM will be held at St Paul’s School in the week starting 10 October, ahead of the Annual Dinner. The meeting will be in a hybrid format, with Zoom attendance available
  • Any change of name will be effective from 1 January, 2023
  • Copies of the proposed new rules of the Club will be available from the Secretary on request
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