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June 25, 2021

Pauline Quartet Reunites for each member’s wedding

We are delighted to share the charming story of the Delice Saxophone Quartet, a group of musicians that formed at St Paul’s School and comprises Simon Hendry, Richard Godden, Ali Jennings and JP Ekins (all 2000-05).

The quartet won the under 21s national saxophone competition when they were in the Lower Eighth at St Paul’s and carried on playing together for two years after leaving the school, notably at the Edinburgh Festival in 2005 and 2006.

The Delice Quartet performing in Birmingham in 2005 when the members were in the Upper Eighth at St Paul’s

The ensemble played at JP Ekins’ wedding (an image taken at this performance is shown at the top of the article), which included a concert as part of the ceremony and, on that day, the members agreed to play for each of the other’s weddings. Simon Hendry married in 2017, but Richard couldn’t make it to the wedding. Thankfully another of the group’s peers, Jack Ridley, attended and stepped in for Richard! The group is due to reunite once again for a performance at the wedding of Ali Jennings in August.

Simon Hendry is now a sound designer, Richard Godden a tech lead engineer, Ali Jennings a science communicator and JP Ekins a professional concert pianist.

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